Hello Everyone,

I'm currently setting up the server. And by 'server' I mean, everything! The website, files, programs and all that stuff.

I'm the only one who's developing this server, so I'm asking for your patience. I'll make sure that it'll be worth the wait. More information will be provided in regards with Server Rates and all other features within the server.

Just to set your expectations, its more about the Classic version of FlyFF, because I'm aiming to hit your nostalgic emotions. We decided to stay at v15 to make it more stable. Don't worry, we'll get to the updated version in the future. I just want to make sure to setup some tests first before releasing the manual patch.

If you're asking about the server's security? That's one of the things that I'm focused with right now.

Other than that, thank you for waiting. The server will be up soon but I can't give you any timeframe yet.

I will post further announcement as to where and who will be hosting the server.