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Fashion Sets added to NPCs

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We have added a few fashion sets to Leann in Saint Morning and [Jewel Manager] Peach in Flaris.

For your convenience, we added links on each specific set so you can see what it looks like before purchasing. Credits to Flyff-Wiki for the images.

Yukata 2009 Set (M)
Yukata 2009 Set (F)

Vampire (M) Set
Vampire (F) Set

Traditional Philippines Set (M)
Traditional Philippines Set (F)

Superhero Set (M)
Superhero set (F)

Spy set (M)
Spy set (F)

Hip-Hop Set(M)

Casual Set(M)
Casual Set(F)

Cyber Punk Set (M)
Cyber Punk Set (F)

Ironman Armor Set
Ironwoman Armor Set

Kung Fu Set(M)
Kung Fu Set(F)

Martial Artist Set(M)
Martial Artist Set(F)

Police Set (M)
Police Set (F)

Rabbit Set(M)
Rabbit Set(F)

Sinbad Set (M)
Sinbad Set (F)

Yetti Set(M)
Yetti Set(F)

Spacesuit Set(M)
Spacesuit Set(F)

Pirate (M) Set
Pirate (F) Set

Ninja set (M)
Ninja set (F)

Snowboarder Set (M)
Snowboarder Set (F)

Let us know if the links are broken. We'll be happy to update them for you.



Also, each set is for 50,000 (fifty thousand) penya.


You are here » Blossom Flyff - Forum » Announcements » Fashion Sets added to NPCs